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One addition to what's already been said by others: Your own insurance / credit card may cover damage to the vehicle etc… however many policies do not cover the charges related to the vehicle being out of service. If it takes a week to repair the car, rental companies can try to charge you for that lost revenue. Buying insurance from the rental car company covers you on that front also.

Personal recommendation since you mentioned driving in California: If you're going to drive in harsher conditions (snow/unpaved roads) it might be wise to get the basic coverage (for the vehicle itself) since it's very easy to kick up dirt and stones and scratch the paint.

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Car Rental Quotes Jamaica Tip

When on a vacation the last thing we want to think about are the “What-Not-To-Dos”.  Nonetheless, when traveling to a place for the first time, it’s best to travel informed and prepared. Don’t they say knowledge is power?

For a Jamaica vacation full of fun and peace of mind, keep the following tips in mind when renting a car in Jamaica.

  1. Do not rent a vehicle you are uncomfortable maneuvering. When you rent a vehicle from a car rental in Jamaica it is yours for a while; it is always best to feel comfortable driving the vehicle as to prevent any accidents or damages to yourself or the vehicle.
  2.  Do not allow multiple drivers to drive rental vehicle. Even if you’re going on vacation with a ton of friends; the vehicle is your responsibility. Do not allow multiple persons to drive the vehicle and have them possibly damage the vehicle or themselves. You got a great price from the cheap car rental Jamaica, therefore don’t hike up payments by having to pay for damages!
  3. Do not go off road. A pretty standard but let me explain. You’re driving around Jamaica and you visit a beautiful beach that does not have a road paved leading to it; that is considered off road. Find the nearest parking to the beach because if you wind up getting stuck in a place you should not have been driving the fees will fall on you.
  4. Do not leave inspection to chance– When dropping off your rental vehicle be sure to have an agent present to check for any damages.
  5. Do not extend car rental without permission– An agreement was made between you and the Jamaican car rental agency; don’t break it by extending the length of your rental without permission. Simply inform the agency and a cheap price will be given to you for extension of rental.

Car Rental Quotes Jamaica Tip - Jamaica Travel Tips : Arriving on the Rock


There are two international airports - Norman Manley International in Kingston, Sangster International in Montego Bay.

Getting to and from the airport is easy. Buses, coaches taxis and rental cars are available at both airports. Most hotels will arrange to have you transported, if you request it.

Facilities at the airports include shops, restaurants, bureax de change, ATMs, car rental companies, cell phone sales.

Departure Tax is J$1800 (equivalent to approximately US$16). This is usually included in the cost of airline tickets.

 car rental companies Jamaica


If you're not going to be staying in an all-inclusive hotel, you'll want to get out and around. If you decide to rent a car Jamaica, please remember that driving in Jamaica may prove very different to your experience elsewhere.


  • Remember to drive on the left.
  • Seat belts must be worn by the driver and front seat passengers.
  • Don't be afraid to use your horn, especially when overtaking. We expect it.
  • Speed limit is 50km/hr in built up areas and school zones. 80 km/hr in other areas.
  • Look out for potholes. There are many, and they are often of the large variety.
  • Look out for stray animals (cows, donkeys, goats), especially on country roads.
  • Before driving at night, ask advice on the safety of the route before you set out. Know your route beforehand, and have company with you if possible.
  • Lock your car doors if you are leaving your car unattended.
  • Do not have marijuana in your vehicle. Police perform regular traffic checks, and marijuana is an illegal substance. A good thing to remember at all times.

Outside of Kingston, the bus service is mostly unscheduled unless you book a bus on the Knutsford Express. Route taxis, which you simply flag down on the road, take the place of buses in many country areas. These will be shared with other passengers, with a set fare per passenger for a specific distance. Find out the fare to your destination before getting in.

Car rental quotations Jamaica - Travel Tips for Jamaica - Dress Code


For the most part, bring along cool, casual clothing. It's a good idea to include a light jacket and pants/long skirt, as evenings may get cool, especially in the months from December to February.

Cheap car rentals Jamaica

Outside of resort areas or on the beach, a swimsuit is not considered appropriate clothing. A few businesses will post their dress code in a notice on their premises, but most require at least a shirt and shorts. Many hospitals/doctor's offices do not allow entrance if you are dressed in sleeveless shirts or shorts.

Bear in mind that you may decide to attend an event where you want to be well dressed. Pack with this in mind.

Nude and topless swimming are restricted to specific areas. Ask before you shed clothes!

Car rental quotes Jamaica Tip - Travel Tips for Jamaica - Health/Emergency


 There is no need to travel with drinking water. Much of the island's water supply is potable, and bottled water is easily available.

Most street food is well prepared, and quite safe to eat. Jerk chicken, corn, pepper shrimp, fruit are some of the delicious foods sold on the roadside.

Jamaica has no poisonous snakes. The most venomous creature that I can think of is the scorpion, which is not often encountered.

It's a good idea to travel with insect repellant and sunscreen, or buy some soon after getting here.

In case of a medical emergency, try getting the affected party to the hospital or doctor yourself, as many areas do not have an emergency ambulance service.

Police emergency number is 119 (not 911).


Car rental quotes Jamaica Tip -Travel Tips for Jamaica - Business/Communication


US currency is accepted at most shops and businesses in resort areas, and larger businesses in urban areas. Smaller shops and rural businesses may not readily accept foreign currency. The same applies to international debit and credit cards.

Many business places close on a Sunday. Most government offices close on Saturday and Sunday. Banks operate Monday to Friday. If you need to change currency on the weekend, try using a cambio, most of which operate within other businesses such as supermarkets.

There are many Western Union locations around the island, in case you need money sent to you from abroad.

General Consumption Tax of 16.5% is added to most consumer goods and services. Some businesses (especially in rural areas) include the tax in their ticketed prices, some don't. You may want to ask if GCT is already included, before you make a purchase.

The number of locations offering wireless internet access is increasing, but still limited. All public libraries islandwide offer free internet access.

Jamaica's telephone area code is 876.

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